Ecological Themes

Common themes are identified by FEN members. Members of faith traditions as well as environmental experts have shared knowledge and experience about the connections between faith and ecology based around these common themes. They are presented under the following headings.

Climate Change

Climate change is  a challenge to the moral integrity of our nation,  a challenge not just to politicians but to Australian society and its faith communities. More

Healthy Earth, Endless Growth - Are they compatible?

Can our finite planet sustain endless growth? After a keynote speech by scientist and author Dr. Haydn Washington on the topic of the growth economy, five respondents from different faith traditions commented from their own faith perspectives. More


What impact does Australia’s dependence on the mining of fossil fuels have on its ecological, social and economic systems? More


People wonder with amazement at Earth’s complexities and so their will to care about the health of our planet grows. More


Essential in the lives of all Australians. Water is Life! This resource is to be used wisely for the common good, neither squandered nor become the preserve of a minority. More


Food as a basic human right is a gift to be shared. Safe food is a moral and spiritual issue.

Fasting and Feasting

Food is an important part of all religious traditions and involves ritual around both fasting and feasting.  It is a gift that connects us.

Earth Our Common Home

Earth is the only known home of all peoples and all known life. It is part of the faith story of all our religious traditions.


What can religious texts teach 21st century followers about environmentalism, sustainability and the role of humankind in protecting the planet?