10 ways to care

10 ways faith groups can enhance Australia's biodiversity

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The Faith and Ecology Network (FEN) is an interfaith network of people connecting faith with ecological awareness and care. FEN calls on faith groups to better care for our local biodiversity. In 2020 FEN has a focus on the WONDER OF BIODIVERSITY. Our various faith traditions and the sciences do have something in common. We all share a sense of WONDER at the natural world. The following 10 Ways are a guide to help your faith group engage in activities that encourage care for our common home.

10 ways to become carers of creation: what is at least one action your faith group will take on?

1. Love where you are e.g. create community gardens, Bee &Bee highway project
2. Work with local “care” groups e.g. local Bushcare or Landcare groups
3. Build eco citizens in your faith group e.g. undertake the Five Leaf Eco Award
4. Learn from science and make deep connections locally e.g. promote citizen science activities e.g. Streamwatch
5. Create a Green calendar e.g. Clean Up Australia day & National Tree Day
6. Share the Good News in your bulletins / newsletter e.g. brand and broadcast
7. Be an active voice for biodiversity e.g. help declare a climate emergency
8. Seek wisdom from the Elders e.g. build Caring for Country cultural ways
9. Celebrate Nature in your faith services e.g. Season of Creation
10. Just enjoy nature e.g. create an Environment Walk around your place of Worship, listen to the sound of nature


[read the full article and all the tips as a pdf]