EarthCare from faith perspectives

This section is undergoing a major overhaul in 2021 as we seek updated contributions from our participating faith groups.  You can also find contributions in talks given at our past conferences.

Aboriginal Spirituality


Brahma Kumari






(Comparative overviews)



Other interfaith groups/sites to visit are:

Australian Religious Response to Climate Change (ARRCC), which focuses on climate action including stopping the Adani mine and fossil fuel expansion.

The earliest Australian compilation of Religious groups' engagement with the ecological crisis was initiated by the Climate Council.  It is a very comprehensive list of Australian faith communities, and you can read it here as part of ARRCC's Compilation of Statements by Faiths/Faith Leaders

Alliance of Religions and Conservation (ARC), a secular body in the UK that helps the world's major faiths develop environmental programs based on their own core teachings, beliefs and practices.  They have a very concise list of religious engagement with ecology here