Statement on Biodiversity

Ask the Earth, it Will Speak to You.

A Statement on Biodiversity by the Faith and Ecology Network (FEN)
Made at Randwick Centre for Sustainability, Sydney, June 18th 2023

We state that the whole Earth is an interconnected and interdependent kinship system of life. We thank the scientists and those who campaign to protect diversity, pledging to cooperate with them.

Ecosystems are breaking down causing biodiversity to decline. Many species of animals and plants in Australia have already gone extinct. Others are under threat. Scientists report that Australia is the leader globally for the extinction of mammals.

The speed of extinction ever increases. The unique nature of each species and ecosystem community will be lost – be it a koala or platypus, a kelp forest or a coral reef.

This is also a global problem. Nature’s species and systems have evolved over billions of years – insects and birds, fungi and trees. They are integrated as mutual life support systems. Personal experience alerts us to the dangers of extinction. Scientists research the reasons for the decline. At the heart of the danger lies a common reason - human centred demands of consumption.

As humans disconnect from the natural world, every aspect of life suffers – each species and humans alike. As land and forest, oceans and marine life come under threat, so does humanity. Disconnection from the natural world diminishes us all.

Coming from diverse faith perspectives and the ecological sciences, we lament these human actions against the Earth. Joining with all people of good will we share attitudes of wonder and care that offer hope.

We call on governments to legislate and businesses to plan for protecting the rights of the natural world.

We call on all people of faith to learn from the sciences, inspire all to look around the world with wonder and awe, to live lives that respect every species: Ask the Earth, it will Speak to You.

The Faith Ecology Network offers this pathway of Ten Ways to Care for communities across Australia to learn and care for biodiversity.
1.Listen to and Learn Wisdom from the Elders
2. Grow in your sense of Place
3. Learn from the ecological Sciences
4. Collaborate with and learn from local groups
5. Become eco-citizens
6. Bring nature into worship and gatherings
7. Develop and use green calendars
8. Be an active voice
9. Grow in the wonder of nature
10. Share successes

The Faith Ecology Network (FEN) is an Australian hub for strengthening an interfaith dialogue between the sciences and religion in the interests of advancing ecological consciousness and care for the Earth. FEN includes people from Aboriginal Spirituality, and Anglican, Bahá’í, Brahma Kumaris, Buddhist, Catholic, Jewish, Hindu, Islamic, Orthodox Christian, Quaker, Salvation Army, Sikh, and Uniting Church faith traditions.

For further information please contact Anne Lanyon, FEN Co-ordinator, [email protected]


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