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FEN ENewsletter July 2019

Greetings from FEN, the Faith Ecology Network, an Australian hub for strengthening an interfaith dialogue between science and religion.

Thank You for being interested in this vital network of networks

This is our first E-News as we reconnect with some of our old network and connect with the new in this part of our transition to a new phase.

Firstly, we are sorry if you have contacted us through the webpage and you have not heard from us. We have been in a holding pattern – you know one of the ebbs in the ebb and flow of groups!!!!!

Since mid 2018, the small Core Companioning Group has kept FEN going on a volunteer basis after the closure of FEN’s host organisation, the Columban Centre for Peace, Ecology and Justice, and then the support of the Australian Catholic University which was sadly unable to be continued. It has been made clear to us that the signs of the times demonstrate the importance of FEN continuing and growing as a vital piece of social infrastructure.

Therefore, we are pleased to announce that the Sisters of the Good Samaritan have agreed to act as an auspicing body for FEN.  The auspicing helps FEN with insurance coverage for our events, human services for a FEN Co-ordinator if and when we can get funding support to pay one, and a bank account for donations while FEN continues to be a network of networks, not an incorporated body. Thank you Sisters!

It is still critically true that your ongoing support from where-ever you are is essential.

Some of FEN’s current needs are:

  1. Help to chair/facilitate and minute meetings; these roles can be shared by more than one person. The meetings are held face-to-face in Glebe, Sydney and/or remotely by teleconference. Please email your interest to faithecology@gmail.com
  2. Your involvement in two related events to coincide with World Environment Day 2020. One is an Interfaith Prayer Vigil in a public place in Sydney and the second is a Public Interfaith Participatory Forum featuring two expert ecology/scientific speakers with responses from faith traditions. We have received a small grant from the Mercy Foundation to assist in funding these two events which we hope to record to make them accessible across time and space. Please email your interest in becoming a key stakeholder in these events. faithecology@gmail.com
  3. Assistance with web management. Again please email your interest to faithecology@gmail.com

FEN continues to partner with other groups so we wish to share details about these 2 events for your diary and for sharing in your networks.

  1. A Public Forum, “Reimagining Land as Beloved Companion”, September 8th, at Terrey Hills in Sydney.
  2. Australian Earth Laws Alliance Conference: “Building Earth Ethics in Australia: Pathways and Challenges”, November 29th-30th, at Australian Catholic University, Melbourne Campus. FEN has submitted a workshop proposal. See here

For those who wish to know more about FEN visit us here.

Thank You from the Faith Ecology Network · Australia
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