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Special Biodiversity Day Edition

Greetings from FEN, the Faith Ecology Network, an Australian hub for strengthening an interfaith dialogue between science and religion.


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May 22nd, International Day of Biodiversity

May 22nd is the International Day of Biodiversity.
Since 2020, FEN has had a focus on the wonder of biodiversity.

"Building a shared future for all life" is the slogan of this year's International Day, chosen in order to continue building momentum and support for the post 2020 global biodiversity framework at the postponed #COP15's UN Biodiversity Conference to be held later this year.

They go on to say, "Biodiversity remains the answer to several sustainable development challenges. From nature-based solutions to climate, health issues, food and water security, and sustainable livelihoods, biodiversity is the foundation upon which we can build back better."

They ask us to,  "Let the world know that you wish for a strong global biodiversity framework that will “bend the curve” on biodiversity loss. Let the world know that you care about your future!"

In the context of biodiversity collapse, the current work on a post 2020 global biodiversity framework, and the call of our First Nations to heal Country, the FEN Steering Team has led events and prepared resources to listen and learn from knowledge holders and practitioners who help protect species and life systems. This is so that we people of diverse faith traditions and none will grow in our awareness and practice.
At this special time, we invite you to look at and use some of these excellent resources: 

  • Ten Ways Faith Groups Care for Biodiversity
  • Restoring Biodiversity: Faiths Acting Locally
  • Biodiversity Emergency: Faiths Regenerating                                                

FEN is run totally by volunteers. We seek your support with raising funds for a part-time Co-ordinator who will assist with growing our network, and help develop our new visual Ten Ways to Care into an educational kit for you to use.


Please use this link for your donation. We appreciate any support you can give.
Thank You.

Anne Lanyon, Faith Ecology Network Co-ordinator


A New FEN Resource 


(FEN partners with these organisations)

AELA (Australian Earth Laws Alliance) Listen to 2 Wise Elders, Mary Graham and Anne Poelina from 5.58 - 39:37 in this video from Caring for Country, Caring for Each Other: Celebrating World Localisation Day in Australia 2021.

ARRCC (Australian Religious Response to Climate Change) invites your faith group to put up a banner outside your place of worship before Election Day, May 21st (putting up a banner) calling all parties to commit to serious and urgent climate action - at least a 50% cut in emissions by 2030.

Nature For All Australia: If you are in Victoria, your group might like to participate in which is running in September.

URI (United Religions Initiative) Since last year, URI has been supporting a Multi-Faith response to the COP 15 Global Biodiversity Framework.  See the closing statement of Faith for Earth Dialogue: Changing the Future at

News from FEN Members and Networks

St Columbans Mission Society: Advocating for Biodiversity at the UN
On March 14-29, representatives to the COP15 gathered in Geneva in order to lay the foundations for this historic plan. Alongside the global NGO community, the Columbans had representatives there so that the perspective of faith communities and the experience of marginalized communities were heard during this process. In this video, the Columbans explain what the CBD is and why it's important.

Centre for Contemplative Studies, University of Melbourne
FEN is included in an application for funding for a project by the Centre for Contemplative Studies to research ‘Integrating nature experience and contemplative practices to address eco-anxiety’. We should hear about the success or otherwise of this application by the end of April

Miriam Pepper, Uniting Church: Forest Advocate Ministry, NSW North Coast
The trees and creatures of the forests in NSW are in crisis following the 2019/20 bushfires, logging and the escalation of climate change. There is a calling and opportunity to develop a Christian voice and presence in the struggle for forest protection. This proposal, initially led by the Mid North Coast Presbytery of the Uniting Church but with a vision to work in partnership with others, is for the establishment of a Forest Advocate ministry role, starting on the Mid North Coast and expanding to the Queensland border in the north and the Hunter River in the south. Contact Miriam through FEN if interested in this project. (image: JIMMY MALECKI/NEFA)

Sue Martin, Eco Jesuits
The RAOEN and EcoJesuit Network invites people to an international 2day virtual event to share and amplify local and indigenous experiences in caring for biodiversity ahead of COP 15.  Day 1: 20 April, 3:00 pm Manila (8am London, 10am Nairobi, 12pm Mumbai, 3pm Singapore, 5pm Sydney, 7pm Fiji). Day 2: 21 April, 8:00 pm Manila (7am Lima, 8am New York, 9am Rio de Janeiro, 1pm London, 3pm Nairobi, 5pm Mumbai, 8pm Singapore, 10pm Sydney).
Indigenous communities have a vital role in protecting biodiversity and ecosystems through their cultural values, practices, and spiritual relationships with the land and territories. However, Indigenous Peoples’ rights continue to be threatened by commercial pressures. It is critical that the concerns of indigenous communities and their vital role in caring for biodiversity are heard in global discussions. KINDLY REGISTER at

Lisa Wriley, Quaker and Environmental Educator
Earthcare Game
I have been busy assembling, packing and sending more than 300 EARTHCARE box and cloth games out, thanks to help from family (especially my mum!) and friends. "The EARTHCARE game is a fun way to explore the many ways we can care for the earth, connect with nature and help conserve the planet's resources. Take small steps to save the planet and earn points.  Make a mess, waste energy or water and lose points.  I CARE cards help you do good things. Suitable for 6 - 106 year olds."
Wholly Australian made, the box games are made of recycled cardboard, clay player pieces, smooth upcycled glass and aluminium.  The cloth (Australian made canvas) game packs into a pouch so it can be taken to places like picnics or camping. The EARTHCARE game is a re-invention of a beautiful 1976 NZ board game called CONSERVATION. 
I hope the game will spark good conversations and actions in families and schools to help us all take small (and BIG) steps to save the planet, our common home. Find out more and pre-order games for June 2022:

Rabbi Yonatan Neril, Interfaith Centre for Sustainable Development, Israel
In an effort to encourage clergy to preach and teach on Christian ecology at least once a month, the Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development and the Rev. Dr. Leah Schade have partnered to develop a new free resource called EcoPreacher 1-2-3. Drawing from Eco Bible, a Jewish ecological commentary on the Hebrew Scriptures, Dr. Schade, author of Creation-Crisis Preaching: Ecology, Theology and the Pulpit (Chalice Press, 2015), provides sermon preparation for preaching about caring for God’s Creation that is short, accessible, and based on a solid biblical foundation.
EcoPreacher 1-2-3 offers a brief “eco-exegesis” for interpreting a Hebrew text from the Revised Common Lectionary for that Sunday. This is followed by one “eco idea” for the basis of the sermon, two “eco questions” to go deeper, and three “eco actions” to choose from to help a congregation put their faith into action.  With this resource, preachers can use the sermon ideas in their own context and make it relevant for their congregation. 
Past EcoPreacher resources are available at this link:
Sign up to receive future EcoPreacher 1-2-3 resources at this link: