Statement on Climate Change

Read the FEN Statement on Climate Change by a Coalition of Believers

As a coalition of believers from different faith traditions within the Faith and Ecology Network, we are grateful to the scientists and campaigners who have alerted us to rapid Climate Change, the role of human activity in accelerating that change, and the emerging negative effects of changing climate for this planet’s web of life, Australia and peoples worldwide.

In a spirit of cooperation, drawing from our faiths we offer motivation and ethical principles to help peoples of Earth change their ways. We regard Earth as a gift from a power beyond us, called God by many, and acknowledge that we have responsibilities towards Earth. We are called to respect Earth’s gifts and relate in due humility to Earth’s living cycles.

We believe that there is sufficient scientific evidence to warrant grave concern about the rapidly growing effects of accelerated Climate Change on Earth’s oceans, land and atmosphere. It is calculated that negative effects will be most severe in Australia and Africa, and they will be disastrous for ocean island and river delta populations.

We support policies at all levels of government, business and non-government groups that show leadership in addressing accelerated Climate Change for present and future generations. We support policies that create ecologically sustainable economies and green jobs. We look for policies that help Australian society to systematically reduce the use of energy derived from fossils fuels and to promote alternative sources of clean energy. The more efficient use of energy in buildings and transport is an immediately achievable goal.

We support policies that show solidarity with the poorer nations of this planet. They will bear most of the negative effects of Climate Change even though long industrialised richer countries have contributed the most to greenhouse gas emissions. All countries need to work together when local and global measures of adaptation to Climate Change are being negotiated, but, newly industrialising countries should receive special consideration.

We commit ourselves to spread the truth about the causes and effects of accelerated Climate Change.

We commit ourselves to change our personal and institutional lifestyles to reduce our carbon and ecological footprint.


Issued June 2007 at Auburn, Sydney, by members of FEN from the following faith groups – Aboriginal, Anglican, Baha’i, Buddhist, Catholic, Hindu, Jewish, Islamic, Uniting Church – and people of other faith groups present.